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    – Display all the varieties of culinary nuts clearly in a tilted display to give the product  the best possible food appeal.


    – Possibility to choose between multiple row configurations on the same unit depending of the number of varieties to be exposed.


    – Ranging from color/ material/ form/ custom features the unit can be fully customized to adhere to your shop identity.


    – We can assist you with the design and also take care of the fabrication of the counter to have a complete finished package.


    – The inside of the warmer is fully constructed in high grade stainless steel AISI 304, 18/10.


    – The circulating heated air system keeps the products warm fresh and moisture free.


    -The system acts like a warm blanket to keep moisture out while heating the top of the product and the insides by heating the container from underneath.


    – 3 Ranges available – Curved Glass (CG Series) – Tilted Straight Glass (TSG Series) – Straight Glass (SG Series)


    – 8 sizes Available ranging from 4 Columns (900mm) to 11 Columns (2300mm)


    – 40mm thick injected rigid polyurethane foam insulation at 40 kg/m3 density. CFC Free.


    – Tubular heating elements of E.U origin.


    – Heating by means of ventilation fan separate for each section. Fans of E.U origin.


    – Maximum temperature +40°C controlled by thermostats. Thermostats of E.U origin.


    – All models are equipped with: Rear aluminuim nightblinds, internal L.E.D lighting, residue tray & rear bag holder


    – Optionals: Please refer to the catalogue for available options.


    – Operating Voltage: 220 Volts / 1 Phase / 50 – 60 Cycles.


    – Dimensions (mm): 900-2300 (Width) x 950 (Depth) x 1350 (Height)

    Dimensions 900 × 950 × 1350 mm
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